Divorce/Collaborative Divorce


Shambaugh, Kast, Beck & Williams, LLP, has been serving Indiana clients for more than 30 years. For our clients who are facing divorce, it is a tremendous comfort to know that they are working with attorneys who have experience, skill and a strong dedication to helping our clients through difficult times while maintaining the highest ethical standards.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we always work toward the best result for our client. We also strive for the most efficient resolution and, when appropriate, the simplest resolution possible in our clients' cases. Our Fort Wayne divorce lawyers represent clients in all facets of divorce, including:

Divorce decree enforcement and modifications

Even after a divorce becomes final, situations and circumstances may change that require a modification of the support, custody or parenting time rights and obligations of the parties. Common examples are employment changes or the proposed relocation of a child. We have the experience and expertise to help our clients find solutions to such modification questions. We also work with our clients to enforce the obligations of the other party to the divorce. Division of assets: Indiana is an equitable distribution state, so the courts attempt to divide marital assets in a way that focuses on equity and fairness rather than a perfectly even split between the two parties. We protect our clients' interests during the division of assets.

Parenting plans child custody and visitation

To decide issues of child custody and visitation, the court looks at factors that include parental fitness, the child's developmental needs and in some cases, the child's wishes. The guiding principle of the court's decision-making process is the child's best interest, all things considered.

Spousal support and maintenance

Spousal support, formerly called "alimony," is temporary or permanent financial support that one divorcing spouse has to pay the other after the marriage is dissolved.

Collaborative Divorce

For clients who are looking for efficient conflict resolution and to minimize the additional problems caused by courtroom confrontation, we provide collaborative law representation.

Collaborative law is a powerful tool for minimizing stress, time and cost in a divorce. Collaborative law is a process in which both parties agree to work out the divorce issues through collaboration, rather than confrontation. The parties also agree to find new attorneys if any of the issues cannot be resolved through the collaborative process. This arrangement allows for open communication for both parties to find the best solutions possible.

Although we focus on collaborative law and other non-litigious approaches to conflict resolution, we are also fully equipped and ready to fight for your interests in the trial setting, if needed.

Understand Your Rights

Contact us online or call our Fort Wayne law firm office to schedule your initial consultation. One of our experienced Indiana divorce lawyers will help you understand your rights and options as you approach the divorce proceedings.