Tracing Our Roots Back to the 1920s


Sharing a proud indiana history


Our story begins with Indiana attorney Willard Shambaugh, who began practicing in his father's Fort Wayne law office in the 1920s. He became an exceptional lawyer with a legacy of success, legal innovation and the highest ethical standards in his practice. He ran a solo practice for nearly 40 years when he began working side by side with another local attorney, Michael Kast. 

The two laywers joined forces to form Shambaugh & Kast by handshake agreement in 1961. In 1976, after Willard Shambaugh passed away, Ed Beck, a promising young trial lawyer, joined the firm, followed by tax, estate and trust attorney, Steve Williams, in 1980. 

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Commitment to the Highest Ethical Standard

One thing that has marked Shambaugh, Kast, Beck & Williams, LLP, throughout its development and history is the ethical values of our attorneys. We have a good mix of seasoned, experienced and young attorneys in our firm. Our senior attorneys have a wealth of great experience and legal savvy. Our younger attorneys, while bringing new ideas and fresh

insights into our practice, are mentored well by the more experienced lawyers, so our clients get the same high-quality representation. Most importantly, from the youngest associate to our most senior partners, we all share attorney Shambaugh's commitment to excellent service and unwavering ethical standards in the practice of law.


Efficient, Amicable Legal Solutions

We do not waste our clients' time, and we do not add to conflict or fight a battle that could be solved peacefully. Although some conflicts, cannot be resolved outside of the courtroom - like some family law and probate matters - we acknowledge that

peaceful attempts should be made first through means such as mediation or alternative dispute resolution.We find that avoiding the courtroom through an agreed resolution, when appropriate, often achieves a more efficient and economic result for our clients.


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